Marples MS500-S5 Bevel Edge Chisel Set with Striking Cap (3-Piece)

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The Curve Solar Motion Light is designed to guide you to your door after dark using only the power of the sun. After dark the Curve emits a constant gentle glow until motion is detected where the full force of the Curve’s 16 natural white LED bulbs illuminate before turning off automatically 30 seconds after motion stops. The Curve’s elegant yet contemporary design makes it suitable for locations old and new and is designed to work reliably throughout the year

How it Works
During the day the sun charges the Curve’s battery giving it the power it needs to work after dark.
After dark the Curve automatically lights up and emits a constant gentle glow which is roughly a fifth of its full brightness. Once motion is detected the Curve illuminates fully and stays fully lit until 30 seconds after motion stops. After motion has stops the Curve goes back to emitting a constant gentle glow until motion is detected again. In the morning the Curve turns off automatically and begins charging ready for the night ahead. Once turned on the Curve is fully automatic, but it can be turned off completely at any time.
Ideal for:-
Well Come Light for Front Door,
Garden, Shed, Patio Door, Garage,All-purpose MS500 chisels with striking cap
ProTouch grip for added comfort
Large strike cap to withstand hammer impacts